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Worldclass Email List Creation

Experience the ability to create email lists in minutes... not days.

The Problem

Hunter.io is an exceptional service that lets you find email addresses in seconds for businesses… it even lists them as generic (info@, sales@, etc.) and personal and goes even further by categorizing them into Executive, IT, Finance, Sales, Legal, Support, HR, etc. Their service requires that you supply them with a business name or domain name.  The problem is if you supply them with a company name, it might not give you emails for the right company since there can be multiple companies using the same name in different jurisdictions. Supplying the website (or domain name) returns quality results every time. But how can you build a large list quickly if you have to research all of the businesses you want to reach and obtain their website to give to Hunter.  This could take days if not weeks to build a decently sized list worthy of marketing to.

The List Creator

List Creator to the Rescue

The Solution

Adding the Power of Yelp

Yelp allows for pinpointing industries you want to target.

Combining the Power of Google

Google allows for obtaining the website for each business.

Bringing in Hunter.io

By providing Hunter.io the website, you end up with the precise emails you need.

Setup Takes About 5-10 Minutes

See Requirements

Operating System
Windows 8, Windows 10
The software is a one-time purchase and is licensed to a single computer.
Yelp API
You must sign up for a Yelp API key (FREE)
A Yelp API key will allow for up to 500 queries per day which can yield as many as 500,000 results per day. There is no charge for this key. It takes about 1-2 minutes to sign up for.
Google API
You must sign up for a Google API key
Google charges fractions of a cent for queries, however they give all new sign ups a $300 credit that is good for 12 months. If you're using this as a small business and not abusing searches, it's unlikely that you will ever exceed that $300 credit over the course of a year.
Hunter API
You must sign up for a Hunter API key (FREE)
Hunter offers a free account that allows for 50 company lookups per month for free (up to 500 emails). They have a $49/month account that allows for 1,000 company lookups/month (up to 10,000 emails) and a $99/month account that allows for 5,000 company lookups/month (up to 50,000 emails).
Customer USE CASES

How Others Use It


Screen Printing Company

Lance wanted to be able to target plumbers, electricians and other service businesses that need logo apparel to represent their respective companies for a professional look to their clientele.



Furniture Restoration Company

Dawn needed to be able to get in front of interior designers to grow her business to the next level and show off her exceptional restoration concepts with various paints, stains and finishes.



Professional Voiceover Talent

Pete has paid thousands of dollars for outdated radio station mailing lists over the years, but with List Creator, he was able to customize his queries getting larger numbers  for a fraction of the cost.


List Creator

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