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Who Is List Creator?

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List Creator was born out of the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic. A few of our friends had to change the way they did business, maybe layoff some employees, and some even shut down completely. We brainstormed ways to help not just our friends, but ALL businesses to reach more customers.

Services like Google and Yelp have amazing APIs, allowing customers to view all kinds of business information. What if those APIs were in one piece of software, allowing a user to search for a name, type of business/establishment, or even a radius from their location to begin gathering a list of people to sell to?

How can we make this better in the time of social distancing? Let’s add email gathering to this software! Hunter.io is an incredible resource which allows you to use a business name or website to collect any emails for that particular business.

With List Creator, a user can create email lists for the types of customers they are looking to reach. If you’re a restaurant in downtown trying to let nearby businesses know you’re open for lunch, if you’re a non-profit trying to reach potential donors, or even if you’re a voice-over performer looking to reach out to new customers – this software will make your search simple, allowing you to increase sales!

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